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Social Impact Measurement Workbook: 
A step-by-step approach to devising outcome indicators

作者: 關志康 KWAN Chi Hong Ted、李浩 LEE Ho Samuel、李儉雯 LEE Kim Man Erica

年份: 2020

​簡介: Social Impact Measurement (SIM) is gaining popularity among funders, NGOs, colleagues, and stakeholders of social projects in Hong Kong. However, there is no single fast rule to determine the relevant impact indicators for social projects, and SIM practitioners are adopting different approaches. Nevertheless, many would agree that the impact indicators should not only reflect what has been done but also provide guidance to enhance future social impact.
In this regard, this workbook was created with a stage-by-stage approach; each stage has a template to lead through brainstorming exercises on the reasonableness of the social project from inception to completion.

SIM templates and guidelines_cover.jpg

Social Impact Measurement-
Templates and Guidelines

作者: 李浩 LEE Ho Samuel、關志康 KWAN Chi Hong Ted、李儉雯 LEE Kim Man Erica

年份: 2021

​簡介: This set of templates originated from our previous workbook - "Social Impact Measurement - A step-by-step approach to devising outcome indicators". For many social sector practitioners, they are usually busy at work in dealing with the project's beneficiaries, this set of templates provides a quicker way to scrutinize the project's purpose, logic and expected results, i.e. Why, How & What aspects of the project.

Social Impact Measurement:
Further Notes on What, Why & How

作者: 關志康 KWAN Chi Hong Ted

年份: 2022

簡介: This book aims to serve the following purposes:
1. To give further knowledge and tips in using the Workbook
2. To explain why Social Impact Measurement (SIM) is an important component in the Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL) cycle, as well as its relationship with MEL.

SIM Workbook_Further notes_cover.png


作者: 豐盛社企學會

年份: 2022

​簡介: 此小冊子是賽馬會豐盛社會效益量度培訓計劃下的學員的努力成果,我們 嘗試以「一頁紙」的方式去呈現社福項目之社會效益,並附加量化指標,當中涉 及不同社會目的及不同受眾的項目有42個。 豐盛一直提倡用簡易方式去呈現項目的「為什麼」、「如何做」及「做了什麼果效」,讓人能一目了然,更快速地掌握項目之概要。 











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